Today, as B2B and B2C companies are using data to drive results in almost every area of the business, enterprises need to invest heavily in data and analytics capabilities. 

Key analytics questions for the Enterprise growth agenda:

-How does Big Data and AI Transform Marketing and Sales?
-How do you get the most out of your analytics investment?
-How do you maximise your investment in analytics?
-Why combine multi-touch attribution with marketing-mix modeling
-Use data to drive business results - don’t navigate based on a gut feeling!

On Friday June 14th we’re hosting a breakfast event where we’ll focus on these topics. The event is suitable for you if you work with the growth agenda (sales, marketing, CX) - and will be focused on business results. 
Speakers at the event will cover both B2B and B2C perspectives: 

  • Jaime Lopez, Wärtsilä
  • Christopher Engman, Partner and CRO/CMO at Proof Analytics
  • Ola Ottosson, Principal of Analytics at Avaus

When: Friday, 14th June, 8:00-10:30

Where: At Avaus, Katarinavägen 17, 4th floor


08:30 Intro - 5 most common requests we get from our customers - Emma Storbacka
08:40 Developing your own algorithms (attribution modeling) - Ola Ottosson
09:00 Why combine multi-touch attribution with marketing-mix modeling? - Christopher Engman
09:20 Discussion: Myth busting & How to avoid the common pitfalls: Learnings & Insights - Ola Ottosson, Christopher Engman, Emma Storbacka
09:55 Mastering the prediction of marketing contribution and customer touch points by attribution modelling - Jaime Lopez, Wärtsilä
10:25 Conclusion: What does success look like? - Hanne Nikolaisen, Avaus
10:35 Ending the event